Saturday, November 05, 2005

8 Darter

I had to blog this one ; last night I scored an 8 darter in a game of 301 DS/DF against John S.

The first dart got me off with 22, followed by two T20’s for a score of 142. The second throw was T1, T20, T20 for 123. This left 36, which I finished in 2 darts.

Typically, I think I took more than 8 darts to even get off in the next game, but it was a nice moment to give me a bit of confidence on a lean patch. "Monkeys and typewriters" still springs to mind though :o)

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Zeeple said...

Sweet set. I had a similar win (well more like 20+ darts) in DIDO 301 in Hammond. It took me more darts to win, but the guy never got on so his side of the board was clean, and I hit my double first chance to get on, and first chance to get off. d16 on, and d11 off as I recall.