Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Personalised Flights & Stems

My order of personalised stems and flights from Tommys Darts has arrived.

The flights are great, and they’ve handled the logo very well. The pear shaped flights they’ve used are marginally smaller than my orange ones, but the difference is incredibly small and I’m sure I’ll not notice any changes. They’ve made a great job of the flights and I’ve kept the original JPG to ensure I can get identical replacements.

The stems are a bit of a disappointment, and I don’t think I’ll order any more. The text is far too faint and can not be read from any sort of distance. I’m glad I asked for "all upper case" as mixed case would surely be illegible. Probably about 10% of them seem to be particularly badly printed. Ah well, I had to try them I suppose.


Dart Talk said...

I like the look of the flights, but I must agree that the shafts appear to be hard to read.

Tommo said...

Yeah, I'll just keep the shafts for practice in the house, and use the personalised flights with the old black stems. The graduated effect on the oval surround is intentional, and they really have printed the JPG perfectly.

Zeeple said...

I saw that the American branch of B&W offers to put a picture on your flights. I have been considering putting a picture of my dog but I have been partial to all black pears lately.

Ashley said...

i would like to order 60 flights (20 sets) of flights with a picture of a mini digger on them and with text above the picture saying AGGY'S MINI and text below the picture saying DIGGER HIRE would this be possible and could you give me a quote please
Thank You