Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Chelmsford 1 – 9 Coach & Horses

Things started well for me in the Team game, scoring 60 then 100 with my only two shots, but C&H finished strongly in this match after a slow start, and took their first point of 9 on the night.

In the Doubles game my first dart bounced off the T20 wire and it all went downhill from there. Roger and I lost this game, and I lost my Singles game against their 18-year-old player, who was throwing downhill from his 6’4" vista :o)

Man of The Match goes to Peter, who gained our only point in his Singles match, but quite a few of us had matches to forget, and we stayed back late for a warm-down stint of the darts based Golf game we play in a group.

It was good to see Jay there (he makes regular comments on this blog), though he wasn’t in their darts line-up, and instead won his Dominoes game. Jean won our only Dominoes point on the night. Jay’s hopefully going to arrange a team photo for me to blog when we play them in the return leg next Tuesday.


jcoulson_uk said...

it was good to have a bit crack to u tommo at last.i was hoping to play u in the singles but as i was bottom last week i never got the oppurtunity.

in practice(think i had 9 darts or so_on your board my higest score was 132.good throw

hopen to see u next week when u can get revenge.

the team are going to give u a pic as i asked them later on that night again.

Tommo said...

Cheer Jay, and good to meet you and the others last night. Maybe a team shot against the board? As mentioned last night our own team are sick of my camera antics, so anything you can arrange will be great.

PS : We want our points back :o)

jcoulson_uk said...

the 18 year old is at work next week so i may be in line for another call up.

i will go easy with yous lol

i may have to wear my newcastle top as ive lost my coach top