Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tommys Darts

I get a lot of visits to this blog from people Googling the term "tommys darts". I've always praised them for their good customer service, and this week has been no exception.

They delivered the wrong flights, but immediately posted replacements when I queried it with them on their Pure Darts site.

I'd asked for the R4X flights (left), but they accidently sent the Amazon ones (right). I'm sure the Amazon range is for female players, so I didn't want to be seen using them after that business with the light purple (allegedly pink) flights from last year :o)

Incidentally, I've proven the Ruthless claim of them being 33% thicker than ordinary flights by clumping 18 of each type together and measuring the width. The results were 8.25mm for the R4X against the 6mm of ordinary flights. No wonder they are so durable.


Anonymous said...

i can remember them pink flights tommo lol i think ive used them at some stage for a laugh too

the delves won the cup did u know it went to a final game of darts with dodds and davy gill

i wasnt there as we were playing a friendly
r u at the cricket club next week for the finals night of doms i am representing my team even though none of us r in it.


Tommo said...

Hi Jay, we're going up there on Tuesday night because Jimmy is in the Doms final. See you there. I'll know the travel arrangements tomorrow night.