Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bob's 27

Bob's 27 is a great little practice routine I've been using for the last few weeks. It was devised by Bob Anderson and concentrates on Doubles accuracy.

You can keep a note of the running score on paper, in your head, or if you have a laptop handy DartPro handles it nicely with it's usual stats and graphs to help you identify the doubles you have the most trouble with.

You start off with 27 points and go round the board throwing three darts at each double from 1 to 20 in sequence, finishing on the Bull if you prefer. Every double you hit earns you the double's score and is added to your total, but missing a double with all three darts means you must subtract a single double from the total. Once you're down to zero or less the game is over.

I've only ever been right to the end of the game once, but for me it's a good bit of practice on the lower value doubles. That shot on D7 (pictured) is my best ever shot in Bob's 27 - I've not managed three in a given double before or since.


Anonymous said...

jay here

our team can hit the scores but should of been higher than 5th in league if we could hit doubles,so now after the games we practice them

Tommo said...

Jay, I always seem to forget the advice I was given by JL just to hammer the doubles in practice and warm up. It is so easy to get into the comfort zone of bashing the 20's. More Bob's 27 for me tonight.

Anonymous said...

I like that practice routine as well. It helps if you get hot on the higher numbers, but if you don't hit a few in the beginning you can get stuck.


Tommo said...

More practice need by me Kevin - I seem to come unstuck around D13 most of the time. Even when I'm doing badly it gives me much needed practice on the lower doubles.

Anonymous said...

Nice one! I'll give it a go and let you know how i got on (no cheating lol)
Rob, Sunny Leamington Spa!

Anonymous said...

Quite an interesting game of "Bob's 27"

This is a rough guide to how i faired. My first and only attempt so far...

Missed D1 X3 darts, then followed with D1, D2, missed D3 with 3rd Dart, left me on 30 points.
Got as low as 6 points before finally hitting D3. (Nearly pulling my hair out!)
D4 in 2 darts, D5 in 1 dart.
D6 in 2 darts, missed D7 with 3rd.
Hit D7 with 3rd dart.
D8 in 4 darts, D9 in 2 darts.
D10 in 1 dart, D11 in 5 darts.
D12 in 5 darts, D13 in 4 darts.
D14 in 1 dart, D15 in 1 dart.
D16 in 4 darts, D17 in 5 darts.
D18 in 2 darts, D19 in 4 darts.
D20 - Missed loads and left with a score of 18 when i finally hit D20
with the 1st of 3 darts. 2nd dart semi bull/25. 3rd dart semi bull/25.
Score now on 8. First dart - Bullseye! 2nd & 3rd dart semi bulls/25's.

Total score after hitting the bull:

Only took about 15 mins. Bit late to try again,(at home) will copy this scoring and try it again tomorrow.

One thing i learn't playing this game, your mind is soon focused and the concentration levels increase to hit the doubles. I'll try not to throw too quick next time :-)

Leading up to a competition i practice on hitting certain doubles with 3 darts. All 3 must be in the double before moving to the next double.

My pattern is usually:
Bull - That's a bit tricky so i'll give it a go for 5/10 mins then go on to hitting 9 darts inside the semi bull/25 perimeter in a row, bull also counts.

Cheers, Rob Leamington Spa

doug said...

ur suppose to throw all 3 at each double so say d1 u throw all three at it and add on if u hit if not take 2 off then go to d2 with all 3 darts and so on i have made it all the way around 5 times but cant it them in games when needed

jhonalex said...

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Unknown said...

What game are you playing??

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Unknown said...

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