Thursday, June 12, 2008

Season Review 2007 / 8

The Good

The opening 1001X team game: We always seemed to fare badly in the first match of a League meeting, but this season we notched a respectable 57.69% success rate. It was even in the 80's at one point, but we couldn't maintain it.

The Doubles games: I don't hold the percentages for team members, but I know that my success rate in the Doubles games this season was an improved 53.85%. I always feel the pressure in Doubles games as I don't want to let my partner down, so I'm relieved to have won more than we lost.

The Singles games. I've smashed my existing record, and this season's win rate will be my new standard to aim for in future seasons. The number's not important for the blog, as it just heaps the pressure on me – a good tip learned from Graham of The Derwentside last season.

Paul : Our new player for the first half of the season made a great impression and did really well. It's a pity that he wasn't available for the second half of the season, but I hope he can play for us at some point in the future.

The Bad

No 180's for me in League games this season, and very few close misses either. I know I'm unlikely to ever win the 180 trophy, but in previous seasons it was good to at least see my name on “the list”.

Travel : I really miss the team coach we had last season. Getting into as many as three taxis is just not the same. There are signs this may be resolved for next season.

Pressure : The nerves were there for me this season. I've had to wave goodbye to the care free days of my first season. I'm now well aware of the high standard around me and the need to just get on with my own game rather than worry about how good the other players are.

The Ugly

My game against Dave Crawley of Delves Club towards the end of the season. I had well more than 200 points remaining as he sunk the winning double – and I threw first! It was an absolute horror show from me, and I usually at least raise my game when I'm up against the leading players.


Anonymous said...

jay here

the good 4 me winning 5 out of 5 since i came back from injury(singles)

the bad getting beat off u tommo lol 1 of the only people to beat me this season . i think ive lost 6

the ugly errrrrrrrr. my face on ur blog lol

DartDawg said...

Great post...
I can't believe you guys had your own team 'coach' at one time. That is too cool.
Any thoughts about next season's darts? Do you think you are going to stick with the Magnum's? I sure am happy with my 25g set thanks to staring at your great photos.

Tommo said...

Jay > The Bad, yeah, I mean how low can you get. Where's your dignity? ;o)

Dartdawg > It was a 13 seater we had on regular hire every fortnight. I think the company didn't want work on Tuesday nights this season - unless they've been carting another team around !?

I'll be doing a post re next season's kit. Probably it'll be the Unicorn Heros for me because I can replace them if they're lost. Otherwise the 27g Magnums would've been perfect for me.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the theme of the post! The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is one of my favorite spaghetti Western movies. Everybody has their good, bad and ugly days. One of my ugly moments I can remember is from a double in-double out 301 tournament. I took six rounds trying to hit a double to get in, to no avail. I was quite relieved when my opponent finally won!