Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Finals Night 2007/08

Picture from Roger's mobile phone

Our League's “Finals Night” was held at Leadgate Cricket Club on Tuesday night.

The Chelmsford's only representative was Jimmy, who lost in the dominoes final to Joe of The Commercial.

The darts were of a really high standard. The big hitters in the league contested the Singles and Doubles semi finals and finals, with the action relayed on big screen. Here are some brief notes on the way it went :

Doubles 1st semi : Neville and Stevie beat Stu and Gary. S&G did well to pull back from a 2-0 deficit before Neville sank the D9 to make it 3-2 in a close game.

Doubles 2nd semi : Tim and Davey were in top form to overcome Graham and Phil 3-0 (18 darts, 14 darts, and 19 darts gave them an overall average of 88 per throw including the finishing).

Singles 1st semi : Phil beat Davey in a game where he was twice trailing, but got to grips with the darts he'd had to borrow due to an earlier emergency to take it 3-2. Most of the legs were 17 darters, with a 15 darter at the beginning.

Singles 2nd semi : Stevie had a bye due to his opponent being unavailable.

Doubles final : Tim and Davey were in great form and were righting any lax shots with 140's. They beat Neville and Stevie 3-0, with Davey taking out 25 (S9, D8) to clinch it.

Singles final : Phil was a very popular winner to beat Stevie in the final. Stevie has been a champion in earlier seasons and looked gutted to lose both the Doubles and Finals, but Phil had been getting stronger as the games went on and had totally found the T20 by the time he played the final.


Anonymous said...

That's a high standard Tommo. Fifteen to 20 dart games are always welcome!


Tommo said...

It was good to watch, Kevin.

I know from my DartPro stats that I only get a "20 darter or better" in 4.77% of my games. These guys were doing it all the time, and under pressure too.

Anonymous said...

it was good to see it on the tv as well