Thursday, June 05, 2008

Chopwell Central 6 - 4 Chelmsford

Practice darts / Alan

This was about the best result we could have hoped for against Chopwell, as they play to a very high standard. They scored a 180, with several near misses on further ones.

We almost had the chance to win the team game, and I would have been looking at 98 if Chris had missed their finish. The average throw from them including the finish was only 55.6, but they got back to their usual form in the following games.

I was pleased with my own game after a poor week on the practice board, but these 4 points may not be enough to allow us to hold on to 5th place; we are now just 3 points ahead of The Wheatsheaf, and if they can repeat their 9-1 scoreline from Tuesday night we'll find it very hard to get the points we need next week.


DartDawg said...

Another great snapshot! It looks like you are bringing that Blade III to the matches? Just curious, if this is the case, what do they normally have hanging up in the bar?

Tommo said...

Hi Dartdawg - Don 't forget to let me know the name of your new blog when you get it.

We always have a good board in the pub which is used on match nights only. The board on the floor is the usual one, which happens to be last year's match board. We cycle them round like that. The one on the floor isn't that great - rounded wires and not as good as the Blades. I think the best board is the Unicorn Eclipse, and I'll be recommending it for next season's match board.

DartDawg said...

Interesting, sounds like a good system
I'll let you know... it looks like I am going to be putting it off until Fall. I've just got a group of guys together and we are going to play in a league this Fall... I'll probably start with that. I'll try to keep pace with your action shots.
Have your heard of the one80 Gladiator Board? Eric, from SEWA, just reviewed it and said he thinks it is even better than the Eclipse... and he LOVES the Eclipse. I think it just recently came out.

Anonymous said...

come on the wheatsheaf

i think im back in the starting line up since i complained to the captain about tuesday and asked him why a certain player on the team is still playing when hes not on form.

i will text u with result on tuesday tommo


Tommo said...

Dartdawg > I've just read Eric's review and it sounds great. I can't find any UK suppliers though, and overseas P&P would be too high.

Jay : If I don't have my phone with me I'll e-mail you as soon as I get home on Tuesday night.