Sunday, June 29, 2008

The new "darts" shirt

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Whoa - my new shirt from Toffs arrived on Friday, and I think it may use it for next season's games.

It's a Middlesbrough "Away" shirt from the 1970's in thick cotton, and it's really comfortable to play in.

Note how the lighting set-up has been altered to be dog proof. If he'd have chewed the other side of the mid cable off switch Bracken would be in dog heaven now, so lesson learnt. Hey, he wouldn't do it again, would he :o)


Anonymous said...

will see u at the presentation night tommo.

hey i got my name on the dominoe score sheet with 13 wins and i missed about 9 games as well but next season im concentration on doms more than darts.

i hate the shirt btw lol


Tommo said...

Well done Jay - I didn't include the doms stats, but I know a lot of players treat both aspects of the league with equal importance.

They only ever call upon me for doms when we're short of numbers, but my win rate is >50%

Anonymous said...

Tommo, is that some kind of bird on top of your dart board?

Tommo said...

Hi Kevin, it's Patrick from the Spongebob cartoons.