Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Chelmsford 6 – 4 Black Diamond

Pictured : A practice shot
As expected, tonight's game was a really close affair between to very evenly matched teams. I though Black Diamond played to a better standard than last week, but thankfully we were just that little bit more effective on the finishing doubles. This means both teams have earned 10 valuable points over the two legs.

We lost the opening Team game, with virtually all 12 players having a shot at a finishing double. I'd hit some good scores, but I'm really annoyed I couldn't hit the D5 I was left. I hit S5, D1, S1 to leave the Mad House (Double 1) for the next player up.

I've never seen so many bounce outs in on night, and our opponents seemed to suffer from this bad luck more than we did. We're getting a new dart board soon, but this will be no comfort to those of us who saw important shots bouncing out of the board – not me for once.

I'd been 250 miles away in Birmingham earlier in the day, and I really had to rush to be there in time tonight. The lack of preparation bothered me, but in the event I was able to sink winning shots in my Doubles game with Jean and also in my Singles game, so it didn't really cause a problem for me on the night. In fact, it was a fairly good night for me, with some nice high scores and just the odd poor shot.

Peter is Man Of The Match, scoring a 180 and winning both his Doubles and Singles games. A great performance from him, and he played a big part in forcing the win.

To round the night off nicely I won £5 as both teams played a game of Burma Road at the end of the night. It's the first time opposing players have stayed behind to have a game with us, and I think I deserved to win the kitty by hitting the required bulls eye with my very last dart of the night :o)


ny81him said...

Tommo, I read your blog often, always a good read. What is Burma Road??

501 said...

at last another darts blogger. keep the game alive....

Tommo said...

Good to hear from you NY18him and 501. Two great blogs you have there, and I'll be sure to link to them on my page.

Burma Road is the game where you have a set of targets (20's, trebles, bull, fifteens etc). Three darts at each. Your score is cumulative, but if you miss a target altogether (easy done on trebles) your score is halved. On that "last dart bull" I mentioned, missing would've seen me come last as opposed to winning.

Do stick around guys - I have an incredible story to blog in mid Novemember which I'll be advertising on the darts news groups. Can't say too much now, bit it's big!

501 said...

tommo, im new to ur blog but was wondering if you fancied a game. we are due for an end of season sesh in Whitley Bay sometime later this year & as your in County Durham thought it may be worth a shout for a stop off? worth arranging??

Tommo said...

501, Whitley Bay is quite near. You'd be more than welcome up to our place for a friendly (any other night than Tuesday - match night), or I could travel over there. Direct public transport may be a problem, but let me know when and where you are playing and we'll see what can be done. Sounds like a good idea.