Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Chopwell Central 7 – 3 Chelmsford

Pictured : Chopwell Central

As with last week, this looks like an awful result, but in fact we are satisfied with these 5 points (2+3) which we have gained in a tough start to the season.

In my three throws in the Team game I averaged 72 per throw. This was way above my practice dart stats, but not quite enough against this team as we went down 1-0. Willie and Mark equalised in their Doubles game to make it 1-1, but Jean and I lost our doubles game (she carried me, with my highest score of 60 – sorry!), as well as Lena and Alan in their Doubles game, to make it 3-1 down.

Willie then won his Singles game to pull it back to 3-2 and grab this week's Man Of The Match award, but we didn't win another game until Alan made it 7-3 with the last throw of the night in his Singles game.

In my Singles game I threw some good darts and was looking at two finishes of 40 and 10, but narrowly missed them to be left disappointed but happy with the overall way I played. As a slight point of interest I was questioned for attempting 54 with T14 instead of the supposedly better way of S18. I reject this wholeheartedly – I'd already seen another player bust his finish by hitting an unwanted treble, and was in no mood to follow suit. S14 D20 or T14 D12 is surely the only way to go if you consider the unwanted trebles you may hit IMHO.

Pictured : Practice shots

Chopwell were very sporting and supported our play, and I've enjoyed these last two matches against them. Good luck to them for the rest of the season, and it's an Away game at Black Diamond for us next week. Also, I believe we have yet another new Cup competition on Thursday night, so it's back to the practice board for me.

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jcoulson_uk said...

we only won 6.4 last week but the doms we have won 6.4 over 2 weeks with 1 double win but we play chopwell tomorrow evening