Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Chelmsford 3 – 7 Delves Club

There are 2 match reports in 1 this week. Last week's game was so disappointing I could hardly bear to blog it!

Anyway, last week's Away leg at Delves Club was a major disappointment for us. We were beaten 8-2, and we played really badly against a team who were having an off day but still managed to cruise to an easy victory. Despite most of them being league champions from last season at the Steel Club (now paying for a different venue) we were weren't happy with our play

We won the opening Team game, but after that only Roger and Alan were able to score a point in their Doubles game, and this was a real low point for me. Why bother practicing, when you go out and hit a load of "less than 40" junk shots?
Tonight's Home game was far different though. I was really happy with my play, and far more importantly I was really enjoying the game for once. My disasters were a few 45's etc, but the good shots were 80+.

No wins for me personally, but Delves Club really hit a comfortable level of form, and showed us why three of them are Super League players. Our statistician (Roger) noted that they won three of their points in 19, 20, and 21 darts. Not bad going or what!

Man of the Match for both legs was Roger, who has come back from sickness to notch some really important points ; He's had a hand in 4 of the 5 points we've won over these two legs.


501 said...

sorry to hear about the results this & last week.

i should hopefully have a few dates lined up for the friendly aswell by the end of next week.

Tommo said...

The league table doesn't make good reading, but we've played 2 of the big 5 already so we wouldn't expect to have many points at this point.

We'll keep in touch re Whitley Bay.