Saturday, September 02, 2006

Regional Finals – result

I'm afraid we're now out of the Draught Bass / Holsten Darts Classic, but I am very proud of our display today. We beat Victoria E (Edinburgh) 5-1, and lost to the excellent West Port (Arbroath) 5-1, which meant that the third “group” game was not played, as it was inconsequential because we couldn't overhaul West Port to top the group and head for Derbyshire in the finals.

The venue was the Duke of Wellington, Kenton Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Of the 16 teams competing there were many from Scotland, as well as Hartlepool, Berwick, Newcastle, and Staindrop amongst others.

This was a superb occasion for me, being the biggest event I have played in. Lots of nerves were on display from most of us, but we came through it to give a very good account of ourselves, and we were full value for our place in the Regional Finals.

My lowlights were a few scores of 31, but my highlights were a nice 140 and some great finishing, and I managed to sink three winning doubles at the first time of asking to bag 3 of the 6 points we won on the day. This is really important to me, as I can forgive a few stray darts as long as I hit the finishes.

The format was 4 groups of 4 teams, each playing three games of three Doubles games (701), plus six Singles games (501), with the first team to score 5 points winning the match. The four group winners will now go to the Finals in Derbyshire.

In my first Doubles game paired with Peter I finished the 32 with a miss, then D8, D8. In my first Singles game I finished 57 in two darts (S17, D20), and in my second Doubles game with Peter I finished 40 with the first dart. This is far more precise finishing than I manage on the practice board, so to do it under the pressure of these games is really pleasing. Also, being paired with a senior player adds extra pressure in needing not to let him down, and by hitting the winning doubles in three of the four games I was involved in I feel I did well overall.

Special thanks to Lyndon and his staff for opening up early this morning to feed us and pass free drinks to the team before our trip – very much appreciated.

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middenrat said...

well played Simon & The Chelmsford :)