Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Chelmsford 2 – 8 Chopwell Central

Not a great start to the season for us, but we normally get brushed by this team, so the two points were almost celebrated.

We were all struggling to get going tonight, and I think my average shot was roughly 50, with a couple of tons and an 81 rescuing the really bad shots.

We went 0-7 down and were dreading yet another brush when Alan stopped the rot with a good point in his Singles game. Better was to follow though, and Peter M takes this week's Man Of The Match award with a superb point, finishing his 501 in approximately 22 darts (nearly 70 points per throw). He rose to their level, and we need to do the same for next week's return leg.

The season is now underway, and we have a large enough squad to rotate the team according to individual performance. On this performance only Alan and Peter have written their names on next week's team sheet in my opinion.


jcoulson_uk said...

hi tommo we (the coach )beat the commercial at home 8.2

Tommo said...

Hi Jay. Good result for you lot again then, and you'll be looking forward to the return leg tonight. Anything but a whitewash will do for us.