Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cup Night at The Black Diamond

Pictured : A Black Diamond
By, that Black Orlov is a bit of a beauty, isn't it. It's meant to be bad luck or something though, so lets get on to the darts :

It was the Doubles Cup night at The Black Diamond on Tuesday night. Roger and I joined Jean and Alan to represent The Chelmsford. Lena was at another venue and paired up with someone from another pub, but she fared no better than us.

Jean and Alan were knocked out in the first round (all games were best of three, straight start, 501, with first throw decided on the toss of a coin), and as chance would have it Roger and I would face their victors if we could get past the first round.

Again fate reared it's head as we faced jcoulson and his partner in the first round. Jay comments on this blog, but we have so far managed to avoid a direct clash of the bloggers. We managed to scrape past them 2-1, but were beaten 2-1 in the second round.

I was disappointed by the erratic nature of my darts on the night, swinging from 92 and 60 finishes with some 100+ shots right down to the more frequent poor shots of LT40 and LT30. I'll get nowhere at this rate, and next season is totally dedicated to getting some sort of consistency into my game.

More Cup action tomorrow night though, as we meet The Fountain in the return leg of yet another Cup. Just one cup would do me if I could actually get my hands on one :o)


jcoulson_uk said...

i enjoyed my night even though my darts were very poor sorry you didnt progress to this weeks comp.

who knows we might meet in the double dominoes (REVENGE)ha ha

Tommo said...

We should play doms. My tactics are so strange they confuse good players like you ;o0