Sunday, May 28, 2006

Cup Game - Fountain 1 – 8 Chelmsford

Pictured : Both teams after the match

Obviously this is a great result for us. We need just 2 point in the return leg on Tuesday night, but the bigger picture is what a superb night we had against the “all ladies” team of The Fountain, Consett. They were an absolute joy to play against. They are a very sporting team.

They were unlucky and could have won a couple more legs, but all of the 9 games were played in a great spirit. We all found it difficult to get into our stride, and all I can look back on with pride is my very narrow miss from a 157 finish which I had to ultimately wrap up as a D15 finish on 30.

“Person of the Match” this week goes to Lena for her great performance in her Singles match. I'm afraid John S was the only one to lose from our team, and I know he reads this blog and won't like me mentioning it :o)
Pictured : The Fountain, Consett

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