Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"Singles" Cup Night

Tonight was the Singles Cup night, and despite not progressing to the last 16 I was very pleased with my performance.

I was playing up at the Coach & Horses at Leadgate. My first match went well, and despite the obvious nerves of being 1st up to the oche I edged past my opponent to reach the next stage.
By the time I played my next game I was very focussed and determined. I lost the first leg, but equallised in the second with 3 scores of 100+ which I rarely achieve on the practice board in a leg of 501.

Sadly I was just behind my opponent in the decisive leg, and I really would have appreciated throwing first, but that was decided on the toss of a coin beforehand.

So I'm out of the cup, but I loved every moment. Just walking in there, seeing an assortment of the best players I'd met all season and actually competing against them in a serious way gave me quite a "high".

I played far ebove my "practice" standard, and am totally satisfied with my scores on the night. Would've been nice to win though :0)


jcoulson_uk said...

I played at the cricket club and didnt do very well at all losing 2.0 but i enjoyed the night anyway.

im keeping myself for the dominoes lol

Vicky said...

Tommo. Email archive@uksf.org.uk please. Ta.

Tommo said...

Vicky, what's up? I'll drop you an email from my work address tomorrow, but the tommocubed e-mail account is probably packed full of junk and definitely not monitored.