Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dominoes Singles Cup Night

My preparation for tonight's Dominoes Singles Knock-out competition at The Castleside Inn was a crash course from Lena and Willie on Monday night. They evidently taught me well, and amazingly I managed to be The Chelmsford's best representative and get all the way to the last 16. I got no further and lost 3-1, but I'm still pleased with the 3-2 and 3-0 nil victories which got me to this point.

Sadly, Jay from Coach & Horses also left the competition at this point, but good luck to those who managed to get into the last four for the big show down on Finals Night.

I definitely have a bit more respect for Dominoes now I have competed in it and seen the skills you need to win. I'll be back for the Dominoes Doubles competition, but in the meantime my major focus is on the 1st leg of the Darts Cup match we have against The Fountain (Consett) on Sunday night.

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