Thursday, June 01, 2006

Cup Night : Chelmsford 8 – 1 Fountain

Pictured : A fountain
In our return leg in this Cup competition against The Fountain we were lucky enough to register another 8-1 win to progress to the next round. As on Sunday night the score line flatters us a bit, and The Fountain again missed several chances to win points. I was going to mention how many bounce-outs they had, but after I had two bounce-outs in just one throw I really think we all suffered in the same way. Walking back scoring just 20 with 75 points “on the floor” really makes you curse your luck.

Again, John S was the only Chelmsford player to drop a point, losing in a really close game which went right down to D1. He won't like me mentioning it. So can I just reiterate that John S (“Yorky”, postal address to follow) lost our only points, both games running :o)

In my Singles game against their Captain I was falling behind with some awful LT40 shots, but I managed to score 400 points in three throws to bring myself back into the game, with the best shot being a 135. That gave me the impetus, and I finished reasonably well to grab the point.

We have a real affinity with this “all ladies” team, and they've even offered to come down and support us in the next round. Great ;o)

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