Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Chelmsford 2 – 8 Steel Club

Not a great night for us as you can see from the score. I wasn’t happy with the way I played at all, and I had a poor evening. I could tell in the warm-up darts that my throw wasn’t really there, and I hate it when this happens on match nights.

As in the previous week Steel Club were hitting reasonably high scores, but it was their finishing which really impressed. In most of the games if one of them was looking at a finish they’d get it. The only exception was Davey, who was their best player over the two legs. In his Singles game he quickly got down to his finish with a couple of 140’s and some other good shots, but ended up on D1. Willie had kept himself in the game and could have won on D18, before Davey finally sunk the D1.

Unlike the away leg last week we didn’t play well as a team, but Steel Club seemed to almost drop to our level, and there were chances for us to win a few more games.

Peter is Man of The Match this week for his Singles win and his Doubles win paired with Brian.


Zeeple said...

nice pic. is that a case of one flight coming off stuck in the flight of a previous dart?

Tommo said...

It was "popcorn" where instead of the flight spinning off it became lodged on the other dart. As you can see I'm just using "spares" on the practice board, and I'm a bit more co-ordinated on match night :o)

jcoulson_uk said...

we beat jollys 9.1 but lost doms 4.1