Monday, February 13, 2006

Steel Club Preparation

Pictured : Pigs do fly?
My practice has been quite average this week, but I have still managed to make February my best month to date on DartPro, averaging just short of 60 per throw including the finishes. The doubles have been hit with far greater precision, and I’ll be practising hard on doubles in the final few sessions before Tuesday’s baptism of fire at the Steel Club.

I’m still not happy with my scoring though, and this could result in me chasing games and adding unwanted pressure. I’ll not even get to the doubles if I don’t improve the scores on the opening 9 darts.

If Middlesbrough can beat Chelsea 3-0 and even have one goal incorrectly disallowed, anything is possible, and this has been a great source of inspiration and motivation before the game – pending selection of course.

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