Friday, September 02, 2005

Practice Music For September 2005

Last month’s album from Tony Joe White was a real hit when burning the midnight oil on the practice board. It created a great mood for practice, and I could concentrate without distraction. It was a superb spread of material, all in White’s distinctive style.

This month though I’m going to go for something a bit more dynamic ; "Aces And Kings, The Best of Go West" by Go West. I’ll forgive them for the synthesised bass badness - just this once.


Kullrad said...
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Tommo said...

Kullrad said "N***a, Please. Go West?
Man you is f****d up in da head."

Kully - watch the language - please bleep out the expletives - I know kids who read this :o)

Anyway, yer darts music is not necessarilly yer favourite music ; it's just a chioce which sits in the backgroung and doesn't distract. Some of my favourite albums really distract, so I choose albums which are not too dynamic and groove based.

FWIW I think the singer from Go West has a decent voice, but he's no Paul Rogers.

Kullrad said...

Ooops O_o

Sorry, Tommo³. I'll try and remember for future.

I can see what you're saying but Go West would make me want to stab the darts down my lug holes ;-)

Tommo said...

Heh. Just for you the Practice music for October will be something a little more credible. If the scores go down you're personally responsible though.