Friday, September 02, 2005

DartPro Analysis for August 2005

As you can see from the chart (above) this was my best month on record, with considerable progress made against my standing in April and May 2005. The trend is certainly "up", and August’s 3 dart average of nearly 56 per throw (including the finishes) will be a tough act to follow in September.
The score card (above) shows modest improvements in some key areas ; my 3 dart average is now 52 (up from 51), scores of less than 60 are now 68% (down from 69%), scores of 100 and over are now 6.54% (up from 6.38%), and my average finish is now 24.90 (up from 24.81).

These improvements may sound very slight, but they are based on 7 months of data, and it is difficult for any single month to make a dent in the average ; as long as the trend is "up" I’m happy with the month’s work.


Kullrad said...

I'm impressed with your commitment, Tommo.
I'd have jack it in long ago.
More power to your elbow.
Keep hitting those 180's

Chya Roh said...

Very nice. I've only been using DartPro for three months now, and it's nice to have a target for my practice sessions. My July average was a touch over 30.4, and my August average was 35.6. So now I need to get up to 40 by the end of September!

I've only been seriously practicing/playing for around 4-5 months, so I'm happy with my improvement rate. No 180's yet, but there has been a 140 (T20, T20, 20)...

Tommo said...

Good to hear from you, chya roh. I’ll be doing a piece on paying for DartPro shortly. They say it’s free to use, but if you feel if it has improved your game you should make a donation. It has for me, so I’ll be PayPalling them soon.

You should see your monthly stats graph making a steady climb, and in the meantime consider your 140 to be a “baby 180” :o)

Chya Roh said...

I think I just got the shakes too much on the third dart after the first two landed so nicely :-)

Last night was a good night for me at our local comp. I only played the doubles, but finished the game with a 118 and on the next turn D9 on the first dart to close out the match. It was good to see my practice paying off.