Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Black Diamond Feedback

The Board : A good inch low by my reckoning. There wasn’t a noticeable slant on the floor, so I trust my instinct on this. It was easy to adjust to, and this is not an excuse. The actual board was in fair condition and seemed to be a round wired Nodor in average condition.
Lighting : Good strong lighting on the board. Near perfect.

Oche : A strip of metal on the carpet. The left side of the board is blocked off with a wall, so only the scorer and the chalk board are in the peripheral vision on the right. A good throw.

Beer : Adequate, and average priced. The Guinness was probably the safest bet, but as usual I tried a few :o)

Food : A nice spread of hot and cold food. Plenty of it, too.

Atmosphere : The darts area is a large square room with nothing to distract.

Comments : A very sporting team with a great attitude.


jcoulson_uk said...

my team went doen 2.8 at home to the cricketers

i was on my double 1st but missed it and nev got it

but thats the way darts go

our best player was away playing in a competition at south shields.

Tommo said...

Me too. I had two or three throws at match winning doubles, and that's what really grates. Most of my shots were in the right region, but just that bit of accuracy was missing last night.

Are you the Coach and Horses near Woolworths in Consett centre by the way?

Zeeple said...

That is a cool looking ring around the dartboard. Is that a tire of some sort? Very nice looking pub.

Tommo said...

Yes, that's a painted white tyre. Just out of sight is the pool table, which was covered and used for the food. We had this room to ourselves (20 people), so it was a great place to play.

On the blackboard to the left of the board you can see they are running a "big jugs" promotion. Sadly, this was all to do with beer :o)

jcoulson_uk said...

no i play for coach at leadgate traffic lights

Tommo said...

Ahh. I'm going out with a Leadgate girl at the mo. They're not bad, are they ;o)

jcoulson_uk said...

there alright although i have a habbit of seeing the older women lol