Sunday, September 18, 2005

Medium Stems (Cont.)

I’ve now had a few days to practice with the new Medium stems, and whereas I’m not fully decided about them my DartPro stats seem to have improved with them ; averaging 54.2 per throw (including the finishes) and turning round an awful month’s stats into something approaching average.

On my first night with them the average was as high as 58.9, but this tailed off with some bad finishing in subsequent evenings.

I’ll give them a bit longer and probably use them in Tuesday’s away game at the Black Diamond if I’m selected.


jcoulson_uk said...

u should beat the diamond easy enough .we have the cricketers

Tommo said...

Great bunch of lads at The Cricketers - I'm looking forward to our game there, even though we don't get many points from them. Good luck to you guys.

Zeeple said...

Nylon stems are a curious beast. No one has gotten them quite right yet except one place and I cannot find them anymore. What I mean is this. The short stems are 1.5 inches long from tip to toe (that means including the threads). And this is too short for barrels that are shorter than two inches. But the mediums are too long for your standard 1.85 inch barrel. There needs to be a more ubiquitous in-between length. I have a set of nylon stems that are 1.75 inches which is almost perfect for the 1.85 inch barrels. I don't know what all of this translates to in centimeters.