Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Black Diamond Preparation (Cont. / Return Leg)

I’m not sure whether I’m playing in tonight’s game, and could well be "rested for the important friendly on Thursday" :o)

Practice opportunities have been a little restricted this week, and I’ve probably only had about 4 hours of practice all week. The highlight was a leg of DartPro 501 in which I started with 2 consecutive 140’s and averaged over 100 per throw, but as usual there were plenty of low scoring legs to "normalise" the overall average.

September is still looking good after a very poor start, and will be either my 2nd or 3rd best month on DartPro 501 to date.


jcoulson_uk said...

good luck 4 tonights game

u play my old team next week the commercial leadgate

i am playing terrible at the moment just cant seem to hit anything although i did manage a 140 last tuesday

Tommo said...

Thanks. Hope you did well tonight - let us know your results. After tonight I almost think it's better to have a stinking week's practice, and I hope it worked out for you.