Monday, March 10, 2008


I've been trying a new stance over the weekend (figure 1). Both feet firmly on the floor with the weight evenly spread between them, and a straight back with no lean whatsoever. This is so weird for me, because as you can see from figure 2 I normally put all of my weight on the right leg, with an awful lift of the left foot as I throw. I want to get rid of this lifting of the foot, even though I've made improvements over the last few months.

I've had some incredible practice shots with figure 1, regularly putting three darts in the same double bed, and my best ever shot on the Bull (50, 50, 25). But the bad shots are worse than ever, and after a fair bit of DartPro recording I've proved that figure 2 is the more accurate over a long enough stint on the oche.

The good news is that when I revert to figure 2 the lifting isn't as bad and it seems to have improved my overall stance. I'll stick to the old way for now, but during the close season I'm thinking of roughing it out and becoming good at figure 1. I daren't do anything drastic at this important point in the season, but I'll use it in practice to improve my balance etc. Figure 2 could never be used in a long tournament because it is so tiring, but I can throw all day in figure 1.


Anonymous said...

Simon, 2 things. The Bob Anderson night at the Derwentside has been postponed till April/May (ticket refund available which I would advise) Looking at your stance blog, I prefer stance 1 as I found that with stance 2 a lot of weight was on my right knee and was starting to ache after about 15mins practice. The board seemed that bit closer as you are leaning forward. Having switched I couldn't imagine going back to stance 2 as my game has improved as I can practise for longer periods. Alan

Tommo said...

Bad news Alan - I was really looking forward to the Bob Anderson night. I might nip up there just for an ordinary practice night on Friday, and I hope they re-arrange it.

Thanks for your advice. I can see stance 1 is the way to go, but I better not switch mid season.