Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Delves Club 8 - 2 Chelmsford

Delves Club beat us at a canter last night. They weren't playing as well as they can, but most of the times they needed to “up” the pace they were able to do so. One impressive string of scores from them came from Fish, with a 100 / 180 / 100 sequence.

Alan P from our team hit a 180 in his Singles game too, but lost the match due to narrowly missing his finishing doubles. Peter was easily our man of the match, winning his Singles game and his Doubles game paired with Mark.

No joy at all for me. I couldn't get steady shots into the board despite the great throw they have at Delves. I hit a large number of 45's and 41'1 and lost my Singles game to Dave Crawley who absolutely battered me, and I am desperate to show them the better side of my game in the return match next week.

Peter has given me a really interesting practice challenge and I'll blog it later in the week. Keep tuned, because I'd be surprised if many people will have heard about this new idea for “stance”.


Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, Les here, It looks as though your results are going down bank pretty quick, think you need to sink a couple of BANK'S to get back onto the straight and narrow.
I have been made skipper of our team (they where always arguing amongst themselves who should play and so on ) and you can't argue with the landlord. Going to finish 4th in the Premier Division (not bad for our 1st season )into 1 final with another 2 semi's to play so who knows maybe silverware aswell.Keep the chin up, I mean you could be a bar code supporter.

Tommo said...

Good to hear from you again Les, and I hope you're enjoying being Captain.

Quaffing some Banks sounds like just the cure I need for my present slump.