Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Doubles Cup, 2008

Pictured : Practice darts. Only two of these "count"

Roger and I competed in the last 16 of Doubles cup competition last night at the Coach & Horses, Leadgate. We were knocked out in the first round 2-1, but we both played a decent game and made sure that our opponents (Stevie and Chris Chivers) had to beat us rather than us giving them anything. I felt a lot more stable following that practice routine I'll be explaining later in the week, and I got a fair few steady 60's, 59's and a couple of tons over the three legs. I missed a 112 finish by an inch on the last dart, but Roger finished the D10 I left.

Jay Coulson played his first game after a shoulder injury and did well to get into the second round, before losing to Tim Richardson and Davy Gill. There was the usual high standard on display at this stage of the competition, and several players seemed to be scoring several consecutive tons and showing just how well you have to play to progress into the final 8 teams.

The oche in the Coach & Horses was perfect, despite the stepped walk up when retrieving the darts. The lighting seemed to be the main factor, and I was able to totally concentrate on the board with no distractions in peripheral vision. Nights like these are a real highlight of the season, and Roger and I both enjoyed the event. I just wish I got more competitive matches like this to bring my game along.


jay coulson said...

Hi Tommo it was a great night at the C+H ,It was nice to have a little chat with you again it seems a long time since we did.In the forthcoming weeks im planning on a trip to the Derwentside thats if my arm is holding up as im in pain still off Tuesday.

I still keep laughing to myself about your toe that nearly pokes out of your shoe lol.

Well at least you got into the last 16 and we got into the last eight(1/4 finals)sounds better haha.

I will start and post on this blog again and next season im going to start a better blog off and take pics too,maybe even pinch a couple off your site of the venues outside of the pubs if thats ok with you.

Well good luck for next week im sitting it out again i think just depending on my arm .

Tommo said...

Hi Jay. Happy to help in any way I can with pics for your blog. Just let me know what you need and I'll get them e-mailed to you.

You can laugh all you like about the toe - next time I play you I'll be fully using the rock solid stance detailed in the post below. I had a good practice sesion using it last night and virtually every shot was "there or there abouts". If I was missing doubles they'd all be within a 10p piece of the target. I know it's the way to go if I want to improve.