Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Stanley Masons (A) 3 – 7 Chelmsford

My back problem (ripped muscle with the surrounding muscles in spasm) has responded fairly well to the anti inflammatory tablets I’m taking, and I was able to play last night.

We started very well. In the opening team game I scored steady 60’s and 59’s, and finished the D2 Jean left me with the 2nd dart to give us a 0-1 lead.

We then won all three of our Doubles games. Next, Peter and Jean won their Singles games to give us an amazing 0-6 lead, but I was the first one to drop a point; I was playing Buck against the darts (he thew first) and we were neck-and-neck all the way down. I had 55 to finish on, but Buck sunk his 63 before I had a throw at my finish. It’s always disappointing to lose, but I threw consistently all night, and will just have to take encouragement from the way I played.

Alan won his Singles game, but defeats for John and Brian meant the final score was 3-7, which is just a little disappointing after taking a 0-6 lead.

Man of the Match this week goes to Jean, with Alan and Peter also in the reckoning. Special mention must also go to Brian for his 180 in his Doubles game.


jcoulson_uk said...

well done on the win

we beat shotley club 9.1 at darts but lost 4.1 at doms(i won only point

but we beat them the previous week 8.2 at darts and 3.2 at doms

i think weve blown our chances of the dom league now as we have chopwell next week

Tommo said...

Good luck with the final two games of the season, and I'll see you at presentation night if you're there.

middenrat said...

nice x2 v Masons :)
Tommo is it true ure faking back injury to get free BJs for a month? way to go dude :)))

Tommo said...

Tut, tut, lowering the tone. I don't know . . . o:)