Thursday, March 09, 2006


My old Toshiba laptop finally packed in this week. It’s either a cooling problem or something wrong with the hard disk, but after ever shortening periods of time it throws the most violent and noisy crashes. It then refuses to even power on until it’s had at least two hours to sulk.

I need a laptop to run the DartPro software, so I’ve ordered a budget model from Dell rather than pay for repairs to the really old Toshiba. It’s an Inspiron 1300 for under £340, but I’ve noticed they’ve just increased to £389. Good job I was impulsive when I ordered it on Tuesday then ;o)

I’m using the old practice methods in the meantime, and our season resumes on 14/3/06 for the final four games.


Zeeple said...

Sweet. This means you should be able to play darts against us online now since your new toy should have wireless built in. Right?

Tommo said...

It does, but I don't have a broadband connection for personal use sorted out yet. My works connection has a personal account included, so I'll see what I can do. I think I'll also need a wireless router to connect to the adaptor in the home office?

Zeeple said...

A wireless access point should do you pretty good and they are not too expensive. The new laptop should already have wireless built in, so all you will need is the WAP.