Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Commercial 3 - 7 Chelmsford

The sign has taken a battering!

We got off to a really poor start last night, losing the opening Team Game as The Commercial hit a string of 60+ shots and we struggled to keep up.

We equalised in the first Doubles game but the crucial part of this win was the way Roger and Mark beat their best two players on the night in their Singles games, both times needing to hold on and hope for errors in their finishing.

I had a horror show on Double 5 in my Singles game which you really can't cater for in practice. You tell yourself its just the same as a D20 shot, but it doesn't always help. Alan had some terrible luck with bounce outs but didn't let it bother him, and these were good points to collect with just five games remaining.

Great food and hospitality as always up there from Andy and company.


Anonymous said...

ha ha lovin the sign i am ryan 14 from delves and i love darts

Tommo said...

Good to hear from you Ryan. You can play for us until you're good enough to play for Delves Club :o)

Anonymous said...

hahaha from ryan