Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Team Cup Competition V The Derwentside

A Practice maximum

Last Tuesday saw the end of our final chance at a cup this season - unless one of us can check out on 170 or score a bunch of ton eighties that is!

We were beaten by The Derwentside in the Team Cup Competition. This is the one where dominoes wins are as important as darts wins.

The Derwentside made amends for for their poor showings against us in the two league games, beating us 4-2 to progress to finals night. They won the darts 2-1 and beat us in the dominoes by the same scoreline. They're really well balanced in both disciplines, so they have a very good chance of winning this competition, and all the best to them from all of us at The Chelmsford.

Also, apologies for all of the typos and rank bad spelling in the last post - I'll leave them there as punishment!

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