Thursday, May 22, 2008

No darts for me tonight

I'll have to miss the return leg against Cricketers Ladies tonight. I've just got this great little puppy and I don't want to leave him with anyone until he is settled.

He is a 10 week old Labrador called Bracken.

Roger will pass the match news for me to post tomorrow. We're 9-0 up from the first leg, but I'm sure nothing will be taken for granted in tonight's game.


Anonymous said...

hes cute tommo

did u get my email that we won 9.1 last week?


Tommo said...

Yeah, he's a right handful!

Got the e-mail thanks - well done with the bg win against Castleside

Zeeple said...

Bracken is wonderful. My wife aand I both fawned over him for a long time. We were going to get a black lab but ended up with a Pyr (whom we love of course). Labs are wonderful and never get tired of fetch! Congratulations!!