Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cup : Chelmsford 9 - 0 Cricketers Ladies

Practice darts from Peter Mc

This was a surprise game that I only found out about last night. It's a cup competition much like the ones we enjoyed so much last season. A nice diversion from the League and a chance to meet other teams.

Stevie and his girlfriend were there, but the rest of the team were entirely new to me. Really great people though, and the scoreline flatters us in that at least five of the games were all down to the finishing double and we were just a bit better at hitting the doubles.

I played a really poor Singles game, but a solitary 125 and quick finish allowed me to nick it after a long string of scores which didn't even average 40. Junk from me, and very annoying after a bit of progress on the practice board this week.

I thought we would be playing the usual Cricketers team, and decided to try the Unicorn Hero 27g / 95T's in anger. I'd hit some decent stuff with them in practice, but nothing much of note in this game, so I'm still undecided as to whether they're the ones for me. We'll see. It's amazing how just that 0.5 mm in width can make them feel so different to the Harrows Magnums. More than ever with these darts they need to be held right at the tip and "pulled" towards the board rather than pushed.

The return leg is on Thursday, and it is the only thing going on at the moment as we have another couple of weeks off in the League.

Thanks to our Landlord Lyndon for laying some food on when the kitchen was closed and he wasn't expecting a game on - very much appreciated as always.


DartDawg said...

What a great picture.
I am not sure what the heck happened, but, I lost my BLOG! Hopefully it will be figured out and I don't have to start over... Best Regards, DartDawg

Tommo said...

Yeah, he didn't know I took it because I switched the flash off. I've given him a hard copy of the page for some sort of retrospective permission :o)

I saw your blog was down last night and I hope you can get it back soon with no content lost.