Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Chelmsford 6 - 4 Commercial

Practice darts with the Unicorn Hero 27's

We managed to equalise last week's 6-4 defeat to make it honours even over the two legs tonight. I thought Commercial showed a few weaknesses to allow us in after surely the worst opening team game we have ever played. I can't even remember our scores in this game (denial!) but they were terrible, and we went down 0-1.

From that point we played better and the games swung around evenly, with Peter winning the final game to make it 6-4.

It was great to speak to Stevie on their team. He doesn't normally play for them, but he recognised my Banks Beer polo shirt and we were able to share memories of drinking this admittedly ordinary beer in the admittedly outstanding place of Barbados :o)

Two weeks break for us before our final games against Chopwell Central, and then this blog can finally get back to the minor stuff of my practice routines and mental tortures ;o)


Anonymous said...

we only beat the smelters 6.4 on tuesday

i played terrible but still won my singles against their landlord

we couldnt hit doubles again

so as soon as we came back home we hit the practice board.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations again Tommo. Chelmsford appears to be having a good year. I am off to the U.S. Open and NADC. I will let you know how it went after getting back.

Tommo said...

Jay > Thanks for the update. Let Me know how you do over the next three weeks while Chelsmford don't play.

Kevin > Good luck on Friday and I'm looking forward to reading all about that one.

Anonymous said...

w will tommo

we play castleside away next week so shoould get a few points but we wont catch u up now

we r hoping to overtake the commercial though

we hope lol