Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Commercial 6 – 4 Chelmsford

We had a close game up in Leadgate with the scoreline remaining even until the last couple of Singles games when The Comercial pulled away to notch a won.

We lost the opening Team Game but from that point we matched them quite well.

I had an indifferent night, but at least I raised my game from a really poor 1st three throws in the team game to compete fairly well despite losing my Singles game to Alan. It was just a struggle though.

Great hospitality as always from The Commercial, and we're well set up for the return game on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

we beat smelters 8.2 tonight and i beat tommy light in singles as well as winning the team game and my doubles (my darts are coming back lol)

i won my doms also

but we lost 3.2 and won the doubles


Tommo said...

Good work Jay

Anonymous said...

even though my highest score on the night was 100 and highest check out 16 i think


Zeeple said...

Sounds like your team is faring quite well this season Tommo. Is your season near an end? Our league here is down to the finals match and we are lucky to be in it, next Thursday. Maybe between seasons you can hire out a couple sets of custom darts and solve your problem of not being able to replace your 27 gram Magnums.

Tommo said...

Hi Zeeple. Just the three games remaining for us this season, and it's been our best for a while. Good luck in the finals.

I'm actually thinking of dropping down to 25g Magnums in the close season. The original 27's have held up really well since November 2007, with very little wear so as long as I don't lose them I can go back to them if the 25's don't work out.

Anonymous said...

jay here again

we may even catch u up tommo lol

our team is starting to play good again and did u know the coach leadgate got beat 9.1 last week and crawley lost i think thats his 1st loss of season

Tommo said...

So the Crawley is human afterall?! He was lucky against me - by about 200 points as I remember :o)