Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Unicorns

I'm really starting to warm to the Unicorn Hero 95%'s I've been tinkering with for the last couple of weeks. I've taken the metal file to them again, and they are now throwing really well for me. In the picture the first dart was the wayward T5 (very nearly a lucky T12), and the other two made the correction. They're all hitting the board at this nice angle now, and I've tested to ensure I don't get any benefits from changing from the current Medium / Standard config.

I was also trying some 26grm Alan Glazier Sharks, but I found that D20 seemed to be a difficult target to hit. Surely just 1grm can't make any sort of tangible difference, but even if it was psychological it was still definitely "there". The Heros are good at the high and low doubles though, and I've been getting some good consistent shots in at the Bull as a medium height target.

Maybe I'll try them up at The Derwentside on Tuesday, but I'll take the Magnums along just in case. I just wish I got more competitive games to try these sort of changes. Dimensions wise the only difference between the two is the Heros are less than 1mm wider - a tiny difference, but it's strange how I immediately knew they were wider just by looking at them.

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