Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Chelmsford 2 - 8 Delves Club

My first maximum with the Unicorn Hero 95s

Although this return match against Delves ended with the same score line, we played a far better game. The opening 1001 Team Game was our worst showing, and we had 300 points on the board as they took the point against the throw.

It was a comprehensive point for them, and it got worse for us as we lost all three of our 701 Doubles games to trail 0-4.

Our best chances for points came in the 501 Singles games. Mark H was very unlucky not to beat Dave Crawley (what a scalp that would have been - Dave has now won all 18 of his Singles games I think), and Alan P too had the chance to finish his game with a really interesting end game ; with 86 remaining he hit S18. That left 68, and instead of going for a straight S18 he aimed just inside the double wire on the 18 knowing that either a single or a double would leave a finish. It strayed into the D18, but he couldn't hit the D16. I would've probably aimed for the T18 as I'd be fearful of missing the board altogether by aiming around the double, so it's not an approach I could try in a game.

Near misses aside we fell behind 0-7 before Peter played a great game against the darts to pull one back and avoid the dreaded whitewash. I was next up and thankfully throwing with the darts (i.e. throwing first). A 123 start and some decent score building put me in a good position. The nerves kicked in as I realised I could get something, but I held it together to finish on 48 in two darts.


jason coulson said...

Delves club are a good team TOMMO

i wasnt there last week and team got beat 6.4 aggghhh.

ive updated my blog so take a look mate.

Did u hit the 180 in a match?

we will arrange a friendly or if not a game against me and u at the end of the season and take pics and blog it if u r interested?


Tommo said...

Sounds good Jay - I'll e-mail