Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Derwentside 7 - 3 Chelmsford

The Derwentside team

We were up in Blackhill last night, taking on The Derwentside. Sadly for us it didn't go too well, with only Peter and Alan able to win any points for us. Peter won his Singles and Doubles game, so was our man of the match on a night where we struggled to put any pressure on Derwentside.

Far too many of my own darts were missing the 20's, and although I didn't play that badly I didn't do enough to beat Craig in my Singles game.

John was new to their team, and I thought he built some good scores. He was unlucky to face Peter in his Singles game, and will probably win a fair few points in future games.

So yet again we have shipped points in the opening away leg, and will need to take every chance we get next week. I noticed Alan from Derwentside was very focused on the night, and I just hope I can again get back into that frame of mind on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

wow tommo u r losing points now

from jay

Tommo said...

Agreed, we've definitely tailed off a bit, but I've enjoyed this season. I've got a feeling we could be using this season as the measure for future ones. This is my 3rd season and we've never done nearly as well as this in the last two - even if we lose 10-0 in the remaining games.