Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Darts / Dominoes Cup Competition

We had a night off tonight as Chopwell and Cricketers entertained us with a great game up at our place in the Team Darts / Dominoes competition. Our small bar was packed with both competing teams and the usual regulars, and I thought the atmosphere was great for darts.

The darts are played to a slightly different format in this competition ; The two teams of six play games of 1001 DS/DF, and Cricketers took a 1-0 lead in a really high scoring game.

The second leg was a bit more subdued. Cricketers couldn't get off with a starting double, and Chopwell had problems in finishing. Chopwell finally hit the D1 to equalise despite an agonisingly close miss from Timmy Richardson on a 126 Bull finish as they tried to make amends for taking more than 6 attempts to start.

In the next game Cricketers were far more focused and won to make it 2-1. Meanwhile the dominoes decided the game, with Cricketers winning the final game of the night and progressing to the next round.

180's from Chris (Chopwell) and Davey Gill (Cricketers), plus two close misses on high bull finishes from Timmy Richardson were the highlights.


Anonymous said...

we didnt have a game so we played a dominoe and darts handicap

i got beat in the final of both lol

at least my darts are improving now

it was our team 2 coach players and 1 turf player playing

we just have a mini tournament about 4 to six of us each year and play for a little cup i will see if i can get one

it could be me you and a couple more as it would be a good night of fun


Tommo said...

Let's see if we can arrange something at the end of the season.

I can't make it back in time to take part in tonight's dominoes competition at Copwell Central. I'm just glad I'm not missing any darts :o)

Anonymous said...

i didnt enter the comp