Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Chelmsford 7 – 3 Coach & Horses

This was a really good performance from us. We put out our strongest team with Peter Mc available, and reversed last week's 7-3 defeat to make it “honours even” over the two legs against a team who are usually much better than us in the league.

Personally, this was my best showing ever for The Chelmsford ; I hit the winning X1 in the Team Game, sunk the 39 in the Doubles game (S7, D16), and also finished on 53 (S13 D20) in my Singles game to grab 3 of the 7 points. The scoring wasn't bad either, but I must admit the nerves were still there in the Singles game. Surely I must get some confidence from hitting the double every time I got the chance of one, but it is so hard to concentrate and be precise over the entire game.

We took a 3-0 lead before C&H came back fighting and made it 3-3. From that point we won all of the remaining games. This is extremely satisfying against good opposition like C&H.


jason coulson said...

we play u next week tommo

we won 6.4 again

u seem to like that double 1 eh ?lol

Tommo said...

Hi Jay - looking forward to the game against you next week.

I practice on D1 because it is such a pig. It's "first one high, first one high . . . " :o)

jason coulson said...

i keep changing user name here but its still jay

bring camera u can have a pic of me but my 58 year old fiancee will be there too

Tommo said...

OK Jay, I'll bring the camera. Try and get your team to agree to a picture if they like.

I'm sure your gf will be felighted that you published her age :o)

Magnus said...

Good job tommo! I'm happy for you!
Scoring be damned, it's the finishing that brings home the bacon!

Tommo said...

Yep - As Peter McLean says: "180's for show, Doubles for dough".

We changed that around a bit to "45's for show, Doubles for dough" just to be more realistic :o)