Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Chelmsford 6 – 4 Wheatsheaf

Pictured : The Chelmsford

We were able to repeat last week's result against The Wheatsheaf despite some strong individual performances by them. Things were looking bad as we lost the opening Team 1001x game by a very large margin, but from that point the games were far tighter.

Lena and I got to play against Jay in the Doubles, and in a very closely fought game I was relieved to hit the D8 with my last dart after covering it badly with the first two. I think we all had at least two throws at the double, so this one was in the balance and quite tense toward the end.

My decent form in the Doubles game was spoilt by my poor Singles game. I hit some real junk shots, totally unable to focus and get steady shots into the 20.

Luckily the rest of the team did well. Paul C was as steady as ever, and there was some decent play from Mark, Roger, and Alan.

The season feels so different to last year, and we're getting into the habit of picking up points against strong teams.

Jason has asked me to mention that he beat Willie 3-0 in the doms :o)


Anonymous said...

Good job Tommo! It sounds like the team is really coming together and picking up some wins. Keep it up.

Tommo said...

Yeah, it's great when the team can carry me on one of my many off nights!

Zeeple said...

Tommo, glad to see you are still darting and bloging both. Every time I see a shot of the inside of your pub I feel a twinge of envy. What a nice looking pub! Our places here do not compare by a long shot.

Tommo said...

Zeeple, glad to see you're still around. I check in on your blog regularly, but I realise all blogs fall silent from time to time. Hope you're blogging again soon.

Tommo said...

Scrub that - I can see new posts! I'll have a good read when I get back. I'm in the hotel lobby at the moment and all is going well.