Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Roger's 37 Finish

This is the 37 finish Roger used in the game at Wheatsheaf. Instead of the usual method of S5, D16 Roger aimed for the 3, knowing that even if he strayed into the 19 or 17 he would still have 2 darts at a double. This is a great idea, and works well when the nerves are present and you just want to get the most possible shots at a double even if the first dart for the “big single” isn't the best of shots.

It worked well. The first dart hit S3 as planned, and the second dart was straight into the D17. I thought it was a great way to go, and I've learned from that. The only thing I'd try though is to aim as in the smaller diagrams, as I'd rather have D9 or D10 to finish on than the lower D17. Worth trying isn't it, but I think there'd have been pressure to go the conventional way if playing with a partner in a Doubles game.


jay coulson said...

i dont agree with that checkout but it worked on the night

not long now till revenge haha

i am playing terrible but will start and practice again soon with the lads or just stay with doms lol

Tommo said...

Fair enough, but I like finishes where you get a bit of leeway when aiming for the big single that leaves the double. Like on 48 when you can aim at the wire between the 16 and the 8.

Anonymous said...

I have been on the giving and receiving end of some very peculiar checkouts. I can recall a 40 checkout of D5, D10, D5. Two next-door neighbor doubles, and then finally hitting the right one!

Tommo said...

Kevin, I don't know what the banter is like over in NJ, but we always say "Eeh, it's the ONLY way to go . . . " when those sort of finishes are hit.