Sunday, March 04, 2007

Thomas Family Championship 2007

The Thomas Family Championship was held in Ebchester on 25/02/07 at The Chelsmford. We had a meal in The Lounge before hitting the dart board in The Bar.

Middenrat, myself, and my mother all played each other twice, and a clear unbeaten champion emerged, my Mum. I obviously don't take after her, because she hit her doubles without problem and cruised to the title.

What a great day, and this may become an annual event.

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middenrat said...

The evidence is in the email i'm sending you, Simon ;)

What a great afternoon, starting with the innkeeper standing a round for double-booking our table, then finding us a place after all.
Mum then had us both for afters, with some deadly finishing while Simon struggled in three figures!
Annual? I'll get a trophy ready then.