Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cricketers 8 – 2 Chelmsford

Pictured : The teams

A correction from last week, which Nicky of The Cricketers pointed out to me: The Cricketers are not County players. Some of them have played for The County in the past, and most of them should have played for them in my humble opinion. I need to get my facts right, and on with the report :o)

After our previous 1-9 beating on 7/2/07 it was “more of the same” tonight, and chances were few and far between for us. We went 1-0 down in the 1001X Team Game, needing more than 400 points on the board as they sunk the double and took the point. The Doubles games didn't go any better, with just a single dart at the Bull and some large out-shots being our only chances to take a point. None taken.

Peter and me won our Singles games to get our only points on the night. I was disappointed with my performances in the Team game and my Doubles game with Alan, but I played reasonably well against Nev in my Singles match, and was more than relieved to hit the 15 finish (7, D4), but I still felt the nerves a good 10 minutes after the game.
Still, we were pleased with the way we played, and we'd have perhaps won against some other teams.

Congratulations to Nicky and Tim of The Cricketers on their 180's. They are the second team this season to hit two maximums against us – ouch!


middenrat said...

why is that beer going in your ear? got a drinking problem?
nice report though, pity about the result even if you can take some comfort in the improving margin.

Tommo said...

Heh, I obviously didn't know Jean was doing that.

Don't forget that photo we had taken when you were up here - I need it for one of the posts.