Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Commercial 7 - 3 Chelmsford

Pictured : The Commercial

The Commercial are just below us in the league, so that made this game a real 20 pointer. We were only able to get 6 of them (I'm confusing myself now :) due to a brilliant display from them.

We won the opening Team game, with Mark continuing his good form and sinking the tricky D1. Peter and Alan then made it 0-2 to us in their Doubles game.

I won our only Singles game of the night with Jason from their team having a total nightmare. When he did find the trebles he had awful luck with several bounce outs and we all hate it when that happens.

Joe beat our senior player Peter in the singles. I think that's Peter's only Singles defeat of the season (shift worker - doesn't play in all the games), so that really was a blow to us. Joe's scores of 100, 140, 100 had him looking at a 14 dart finish at one point.

No Man Of The Match this week, as none of us stood out on a night dominated by The Commercial, who notched a 180 in the Singles games and gave us a harder game than some of the teams at the top of the league.
Great hospitality and food from them again, and all the best to them in every game where they don't meet us - especially next Tuesday!


vbspurs said...

I know you still sometimes read my blog, my dear Tommocubo, though I'm not at all you still read yours.

Nevertheless, here is my once-yearly post on your blog, wishing you and your family, a warm and happy Easter. :)


Tommo said...

Thanks for the good wishes Vicoria, and all the best to you. I'm on dial-up these days, but as soon as I get my broadband in I'll be a little more active!