Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Chelmsford 7 – 3 Commercial (20/3/2007)

Pictured : Practice darts
A great result for us, and we managed to reverse the previous week's defeat by exactly the same margin. It was absolutely no thanks to me though, and I was the only one not to win my Doubles or Singles game.

Roger and I were beaten in our Doubles game by virtue of a spectacular 157 from John.

Mark Henderson continued his impressive form by sinking the D1 in the team game which got us on our way. He also finished another D1 in his Singles game.

Special mentions to Mark, Jean, and Peter. They all won both their Doubles and Singles games.


Zeeple said...

Hi Tommo. Nice practice shot seems you've been hitting those quite a bit lately. It has been a while since I have stopped in so I wanted to say Hi. Cheers.

Tommo said...

Long time! I'm on dial up at the moment with access from my work network blocked, so I haven't been as active. Hope to have BB soon, and I'll check your blog out for your news now.