Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pub Master Competition

We Didn't have a League match tonight, so seven of our team fought it out to see who would be the pub champion to progress to the 1st round proper of yet another Pub Master Cup competition.

Roger drew up the fixtures and we all played against each other in single legs of 501 for points. I started off a little shakily but squeezed past Jean in the first game. I got better as the night went on, and ended up facing Alan in the final.

In the best of 3, 501 final I had become very stable and was able to win 2-0 and represent The Chelmsford in the next round. I had vivid memories of taking a 1-0 lead in Cirencester and then not pressing the advantage, so I was relieved to clinch this one.

To be honest I think only Alan and I were really keen on progressing, but I always want to compete in these things and I give it my all. Remember the fun I had in Newcastle (regional finals), Barbados, and Cirencester! Win or lose it's a proper oche and a day out with the darts, and this kept me focused to remain unbeaten in my games on the night. I'd practiced for it during the week, and for once it went as I'd like on the night.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the win Tommo! Good luck in the next round.


middenrat said...

nice, you're showing good temperament when you think on it.
i'll be in Ebchester to see you next week it looks like - you can kick my butt all over the oche then :)

Tommo said...

Cheers Kevin and middenrat.

Really poor practice darts since Tuesday, so I'm a bit deflated prior to The Cricketers.

Daniel Hyndman said...

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