Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wheatsheaf 5 – 5 Chelmsford

Two reports in one blog for me. I was so disappointed with my performance last week I simply had to save the match report until I'd made amends, and tonight was the night. Both of the Wheatsheaf match reports now follow:

We lost the opening Team Game, but immediately scored three points with a superb Doubles win for Jean and Willie (two consecutive 140's brought them back in the game before Willie finished with a D1), myself and Alan's Doubles win (pleasing shots of a 140 followed by a 125 and a winning X6 from me), and Mark and Roger's Doubles win (Roger hit the winning X9).

After last week's game I was desperate to show some focus and play well. I was against the darts (throwing second) against one of their senior players (Stewie), and I was into my 6th throw before I hit anything under 60. I've never known a match night like this where I've hit the T20 with the first dart. This gave me a good lead, and I was able to sink my finishing X6 without pressure. Well, only the usual pressure of goosing up a good game, but thankfully this was to be change from recent form, and I was really relieved to pick that winning dart out of the board.

Alan then won his Singles game with a great 99 finish to make it 5-5 on the night, and 10-10 over the two legs. Alan had to pick 120 pints off the floor in just one throw (he still scored 60), so he did well to ignore the bad luck and grab this point.

Man Of The Match to me for hitting two winning doubles, but I don't like to talk about it :o)


middenrat said...

well played R Kid, tho 'not wishing to talk about' your stunning form? how about this from ur email:
"Twice in a row I went to
the board and hit T20, T20, and just missed the 180. They must've thought they
were playing a pro !!1!!!LOL!!1!gerrinthere!!1!!"
hehe, soz m8
btw any durham darts dudes fancy the George/Deller/Bristow exhib @ Marton Hotel, 'Boro jun21st? £6.50 + cash buffet see Simon or tel 01642 317141

Anonymous said...

Good darts Tommo...don't it feel great when they are all going in?!?

New Jersey Darts

Tommo said...

Phil, keep the private elation off the blog! I've already been pulled for over egging my highlights on the blog, and I'm trying to be more objective :o)

Cheers Kevin too.